A- The end of economic diplomacy and a globalization consuming the life potential of humanity, of the animal and plant kingdoms

1 – A modern society in deep imbalance

We all find that our democracies find it difficult to resist the automatism of technological civilizations and industrial and consumer societies. Ultimately, within these we are ultimately manipulated in infinitely more subtle and refined ways than we were by the methods used in post-totalitarian societies. We do not benefit because we too are victims of the same automatism and are often unable not to fall into the artifice or overcome our concerns about our personal survival in order to become responsible individuals who truly contribute to the creation of 'a sustainable and peaceful world - to the creation of collective destiny.

Our world is made up entirely of systems, living or non-living, nested and interacting. Society and the economy are two important systems controlled by the use of cybernetics (the science of controlling systems). By definition, a balanced cybernetic system has the property of self-regulation. A trend in one direction automatically creates the conditions for the reverse trend. Such systems show great stability over time. However, we all see that humanity has a general inability to control its situation. In short, our systems are not balanced. Cybernetics are currently being misused.

It is for this reason that our modern society seems to lose more and more the spirit of community, the natural empathy, the affection among human beings and the respect for the environment
. Today it is necessary to find a way to overcome all these dangers of individualism.

However, more and more people are calling for a strengthening of the global capacity to regulate markets and international relations. Even today, these international relations are still supposed to relate to the interests of certain states rather than to ethical standards and then to positive and rational exchanges. So people are looking for another globalization - an alternative globalization - a different globalization - a globalization with a human face.

2 - The old diplomatic model at the origin of the imbalances

The economy has always been an element of major importance in the diplomatic field, of which states are, in principle, the main authorizing officers. However, this diplomacy has very often been, and still remains, under the great influence of wealthy and powerful private actors, greedy for power and unscrupulous. An increase in this "economic factor" is at the origin of a disappearance of the self-sufficiency and sovereignty of nations and peoples, of harmful developments in international relations and of the dark destiny that we know of many peoples like those of the Mediterranean and the African continent.

The vast majority of states are no longer the authorizing officers.

The current and numerous international political-economic unions / organizations, taking the name of "Intergovernmental Groupings", such as the European Union, the African Union, the Union for the Mediterranean, the Arab League, etc. are only intended to promote economic exchanges / agreements benefiting only the very wealthy private actors at their head.

Opaque Political-Military-economic institutions / organizations such as the UN, IMF, World Bank, OECD, WTO, etc. as well as the overwhelming majority of national / transnational central banks and development banks have the sole objective of obtaining constantly strengthened influence and control over local governments by:

• The endless externalization of their original sovereignty and the centralization of powers
• The imposition of various rules, laws and norms and the popularization of "liberal" models not appropriate for sustainability and fairness
• The financing of many "development projects" under false flag in most countries thus constantly increasing alienate it by national sovereign debt
• The monopoly of money making
• control and dictate of market laws

All ultimately serving a plan to destroy states and peoples and create centralized power in the hands of a handful of private actors.

3 – The strategy of multinational organizations / private consortia and their objectives of controlling the world

The strategy and synchronization of the respective actions of private multinational organizations therefore induce economic situations favorable to their objectives of global domination, namely:

• Weakening of states and political power, Deregulation and Privatization of public services
• Total withdrawal of states from the economy, including education, research, and ultimately the police and military, destined to become exploitable sectors by private companies
• State indebtedness through corruption, unnecessary public works, grants given to companies without compensation, or military spending. When a mountain of debt has accumulated, governments are forced into privatization and the dismantling of public services. The more a government is under the control of the "Masters of the World", the more it increases the debt of its country.
• Gradually acquire all the attributes of the power of states: communication networks, satellites, intelligence services, files on individuals, judicial institutions (established by the WTO and the MAI, an agreement through which a multinational can drag a state before a special and private court of justice)
• The next and final step for these organizations will be to obtain the share of military and police power that corresponds to their new power, by creating their own armed forces, because national armies and police are not adapted to the defense of their interests in the world. Ultimately, the armies are expected to become private companies, service providers working under contract with the states, as well as with any private client capable of paying for their services. But the ultimate step is that they serve the interests of the big multinationals and attack those states that do not abide by the rules of the new economic order. It seems until that role is taken over by the United States military, the country best controlled by multinationals.

4 – The ecological point of no return about to be crossed

It is obvious that we are starting to run up against the ecological limits of economic activity. A liberal economic system, the objective of which is the pursuit of short-term profit for special interests, cannot take into account long-term costs such as environmental degradation. Current economic models are also incapable of estimating at its fair value the "production" of nature, essential to our survival: production of oxygen, fixation of carbon dioxide by forests and oceans, temperature regulation, chemical recycling, distribution of rainfall, production of drinking water, production of food, etc.

5 – Without immediate intervention, the disappearance of nature is inevitable and wanted by private multinational organizations - Why?

For 3 reasons:

The disappearance of nature and the increase in pollution will make people even more dependent on the economic system for their survival, and will allow them to generate new profits (in particular with increased consumption of drugs and medical services)
In addition, nature constitutes a reference of another order, that of the universe. The contemplation of the beauty and perfection of this order is subversive: it leads the individual to reject the ugliness of urbanized environments, and to doubt the social order which must remain the only reference. The urbanization of the environment makes it possible to place populations in a space that is totally controlled, monitored, and where the individual is completely immersed in a projection of social order.
Finally, the contemplation of nature encourages dreams and intensifies the interior life of individuals, developing their own sensitivity, and therefore their free will. They therefore cease to be fascinated by goods; they turn away from television programs intended to stupefy them and to control their minds. Freed from their chains, they begin to imagine another possible society, based on values other than profit, money and power.

In short, anything that can lead individuals to think and live for themselves is potentially subversive. The greatest danger for the social order is spirituality because it causes the individual to overturn his system of values and therefore his behavior, to the detriment of the values and behaviors previously implanted by social conditioning. That is why anything that can stimulate spiritual awakening is being eliminated.

6 – A last-ditch alternative: creating a counter-power

In order not to be definitively excluded from the game, a counter-power to economic power must respond by placing itself on the same level of organization, at the global level and no longer at the national level, by unifying and synchronizing actions, at the level of groups of peoples, of nations weighing sufficient weight in global economic flows. There is little time to react, because all the means of control necessary for a future world dictatorship are now in place.

7 - Create a new diplomatic channel

It’s time to fundamentally reconfigure the system of international relations. States have always adjusted to the effects of economic globalization, which has cost them dearly. Now is the time for them to adjust to the effects of a new so-called "societal" globalization. It is time for the leaders of our nations to gradually evolve towards the role of “positive guides” and “guardians of humanist and societal values” rather than of “puppet” or “despot” in the process of foundation and sustainability. of a new movement of thought and then of a new global civil society. It is time to put an end to all these voracious politico-military-economic associations which reduce the freedoms of nations and peoples for the benefit of new political-societal associations. It's time to experiment locally and then show the world the way forward.

B - A powerful diplomatic tool for a new trans-Mediterranean movement of thought (this process is applicable and will also be applied to all other global geographic spaces - the African space, the European space, the American space, the Asian space and the ocean space)

The multifunctional cities that are members of the societal consortium "The Papillon Source Mediterranea" are the tools of a massive educational process through individual and collective experimentation. Their role is to initiate a new movement of thought which will lead to a generalized movement of co-creation and to a major societal transformation throughout the Mediterranean area.

The Mediterranean diplomatic action plan:

Set up positive initiatives and effective processes (interconnected multifunctional educational cities + transnational intellectual and artistic cooperation events + Information Systems) in favor of the export and promotion of a new Mediterranean philosophical culture
Promote a new model of ethical development whose indicators of success are the societal progress of nations, intellectual progress and the degree of transversal cooperation of the Mediterranean peoples.
Stop talking about traditional indicators such as the geoeconomic density of a country, a continent or a geographical, geocultural or geoeconomic space but of geo-societal density, geo-intellectual density or geo-creative density
Allow the travel of various “ambassadors” of this new Mediterranean philosophy (heads of state, philosophers, scientists, inventors, artists, trans-disciplinary students, all at the same time humanists, visionaries, and seeking global peace, opulence and dignity for humanity) not in an “economic diplomacy” dimension but in a “societal and cultural diplomacy” dimension.
Make the Mediterranean area the prototype of the societal, intellectual and artistic "markets" of the world
Founding through the EL4DEV process of societal change a new Mediterranean "political-societal" association: the Mediterranean Societal Union
Make the Mediterranean area a model of success, the showcase of a better humanity, a space of international influence and a space of positive influence for the rest of the world
Make the Mediterranean area the center of a new period of "RENAISSANCE" whose dynamics of opening the mind and sharing knowledge and resources then massive co-creation will be exported at very high speed. (Thanks to the EL4DEV program) on the whole planet

Export this efficient model of development and societal functioning as well as the EL4DEV process to other geoeconomic, geocultural or geographical spaces (subsequent creation of an African Societal Union, a European Societal Union, etc.)

C - Start the 2nd movement of RENAISSANCE whose focus will be the Mediterranean

It is about initiating a new movement of "Renaissance" calling into question the mentalities of our time and of past eras. This will be stimulated by the search for a new form of balanced civilization that is highly respectful of the environment and of human beings which meets our real needs and not superficial human needs (material wealth, economic wealth of nations, power and domination over others, etc.).

The characteristics of this 2nd RENAISSANCE movement:

• It will be the birth of a "positive" art with an educational vocation, the collective refocusing on the notion of subtlety of mind, the emancipation of a deeply "humanist" and communicating science, the discovery and understanding the system of the world and life in its entirety and the collective development of major societal projects founding a new civilization
This movement of thought first Mediterranean and then transcontinental thereafter, will bring light to the spirit of creation in each of us and will be stimulated by a new form of experimental education centered on the potential of each individual and his key role in its evolving environment.

D - A geostrategic tool for the foundation of a Mediterranean Societal Union and a new Mediterranean civil society

The challenge is to shape, through an innovative process of "societal" geostrategy EL4DEV, a new "Mediterranean Union" whose model and foundations are very different from the current intergovernmental organization (or in other words "political-economic association") in great perdition: “Union for the Mediterranean”. The new association will be "political-societal" and will be called "Mediterranean Societal Union"

1 - The characteristics of the Mediterranean Societal Union

The Mediterranean Societal Union will be totally decentralized and 100% transversal because it will not be an “intergovernmental organization” but an “organization between sovereign peoples guided by the same societal objective and the same desire for union, of global peace and prosperity”.
Its main objective will be to address the societal priorities of the Mediterranean region: the reconstitution and enrichment of soils and ecosystems, the development of a highly participatory experimental education open to all without conditions, the gain of dignity, empowerment and sovereignty of peoples, lasting stabilization of the Mediterranean region, integration through multilateral cooperation, unrestricted dialogue and sharing, the implementation of major projects and societal initiatives having a truly tangible impact on the well-being and happiness of the populations of the Mediterranean region, then the development of “value” wealth and not economic or financial.
The Mediterranean Societal Union will identify and support major and minor societal projects carried out by the Mediterranean peoples. These are projects with high added value, of regional and interregional interests and then of variable geometries, all interconnected thanks to the EL4DEV process.

2 – How to found the new Mediterranean civil society: the Mediterranean social contract

It is necessary to put in place a regulation. But is international regulation possible without an international state? Yes; this would be based on a new kind of social contract with its system of values. This social contract and its system of values would be based on a certain conception of the notions of values and reason imprinted in human consciousness. This concept of social contract would be based on the consent of individuals and would commit them. A territorial civil society would thus be a participatory process, located in a territory, through which individuals come to an understanding among themselves and with the centers of economic and political authorities (which include institutions and businesses). It would refer to a self-organizing activity aimed at particular ends linked to progressive human and social values. By civil society, we always mean autonomy and self-organization. But it is about not forgetting communication and transparency, two major components of a balanced cybernetic system. In the ideal territorial civil society, we can logically observe a slight withdrawal of the state from its usual roles and above all a creation of islands of civic engagement working in symbiosis with the state (peoples and leaders act and evolve in the same direction). These perfectly well organized islands are generated by local dynamics of progress. The challenge is to create a community based on ethics, that is to say morals, exchange and respect. All societies in the world (Western and non-Western) have a great deal of potential to experience something similar. Why? Because all cultures have traditions of human dignity and tolerance and use of reason and public deliberation. To what extent can global civil society convince states to adopt an alternative multilateral framework to deal with critical issues? Well, there is simply no other way out than trying to establish a global set of rules based on consent and ethics. The only way to achieve this consent of the mass (at the macro level) is to focus only on the micro level - through real-time experimentation carried out by the actors of each of the territories around the world and then to massively share these experiences.

But what should we actually experience? It is simply a matter of experiencing the real benefits (positive added value) that these ethical rules could generate in the territories (i.e. obtaining insights from local samples of more socio-political-economic and behavioral models. humanist and more sustainable, then experience a spirituality at the heart of the economy and local governance). This would inevitably create the collective in every society by revealing a continually increasing number of actors for positive change. Ultimately, this would allow transformative education that is powerful and effective enough to provide the means to deploy these movements of positive thinking and co-creation beyond the borders of the territories concerned.

3 – The foundation of a social contract through the positive dynamics of the EL4DEV Program

The territorial dynamics of the EL4DEV program are all unique since they take into account each local socio-economic and cultural particularity. They are initiated by experience-based projects and then become strongly viral thanks to information technologies (highly interactive philanthropic projects).

The multiple civic implications at the territorial level (also called singular territorial dynamics) fit together like a giant puzzle thanks to an ingenious application mechanism using a powerful catalyst (Big Smart Data of the EL4DEV concept) as well as a multidisciplinary conceptualization activity. The whole will form a highly scalable and adaptable modular structure. From there the true world civil society will then be born in its prototype form. It will be born in a way that no one expects.

The rules of exchange and management of world affairs would ultimately be defined in a highly participatory manner in the social contract, by the consent of the masses. Only he would have the capacity to found this global civil society so imagined and designated as a utopia. In short, the social contract will be achieved only through the continuously growing civic involvement of actors in each territory around the world. The connection between the territories will be made by the similarities encountered in the civic implications. These similarities experienced by different peoples will form the foundations of the social contract. The result of the set is greater than the sum of all the constituent elements of the set (a principle of cybernetics).

The social contract will never be forced on people; neither are its values. There will be a deep and shared desire for a heterogeneous international population seeking to evolve towards a sustainable way of life that is much more respectful of people and the environment. It will emerge from the participatory conceptualization of all the actors in the world. He will be attached to the notion of positive interdependence and new humanism. Civil society will then evolve from its primary form (that of prototype) to various increasingly elaborate forms, the foundations of which remain identical. The engines of this positive development are conductive pedagogy, reflection and subtlety of mind, as well as intelligence of the heart.

4 - “The Papillon Source Mediterranea” cities are development tools / projects to create positive territorial dynamics

“The Papillon Source Mediterranea” cities, like any EL4DEV development project, aim to create territorial dynamics of progress and are systematically based on the six strategic pillars of the EL4DEV program philosophy:

- True innovation
- High added value and sustainability
- Empowerment of individuals
- Benefit for the regions and countries concerned
- Massive and participatory alternative education as a supreme objective
- Transparency and real-time performance measurement

The processes developed and used are therefore systematically innovative or they tend to rewrite traditional processes by adding additional links. They use mass cooperation dynamics that are possible through the permanent interactions of a large number of actors far beyond the project environments.

The EL4DEV program uses the cities as tools to massively educate the actors of the territories where they are established and well beyond thanks to transnational synergies.

Ultimately, these cities are used as "franchises" since their models can easily be adapted to other areas of the world, especially if they have similar characteristics / needs. Their operations are then perfectly framed by strict rules which allow them to meet numerous criteria of quality and transparency.

The indicators to verify the achievement of objectives in each country:

Thanks to Big Smart Data EL4DEV: Quantification and spatial representation of the dynamics of progress carried by the socio-economic actors of the environment, quantification of the actors involved in the process then transparency of their roles through the various stages; finally, reactions and changes in the behavior of the actors directly involved or not in the different stages (the project represents the means used as well as the evolving environment to carry out highly interactive learning). This will be done by modeling data on the interactions and synergies created, the added value in real time, the satisfaction felt in the roles of co-creators (static and dynamic mapping + diagrams and representative tables)

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