Presentation of the program:

THE MUNICIPALITIES COUNTER-ATTACK / THE MUNICIPALITIES STRIKE BACK sub-program is the tool for creating a new kind of societal-centered intermunicipality. This is a local and public (small towns) participatory investment project with financial and image return. This represents a solution promoting the autonomy and self-financing of municipalities as well as their international influence.

The principle:

Several municipalities in a country cooperate by jointly participating in the financing of a set of projects for the creation of vertical agroclimatic and agrotourism landscape plant structures called “plant/green/vegetal calderas” throughout their national territory, through the constitution of a National Grouping of Economic Interest with a societal vocation.

THE MUNICIPALITIES COUNTER-ATTACK / THE MUNICIPALITIES STRIKE BACK is in fact the process of financing all the cities labeled THE PAPILLON SOURCE, worldwide because these "green/plant/vegetal calderas" are key modules of future cities labeled THE PAPILLON SOURCE.

The participating municipalities will be bound by operational contracts between the groups they will form and the French non-profit think tank carrying the program (LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV) and domiciled in the municipality of Léognan, in southwest France.

Each country will set up its own local EIG of local municipalities which will finance the agro-climatic and tourist cities of the country. Each of these groups will be bound by an operational management contract with the non-profit think tank carrying the program, LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV.

In France, can municipalities finance a project outside their territory?

YES THEY CAN: the municipalities can only act if their action is justified by a “local public interest” (article L. 2121–29 of the CGCT). This public interest is defined locally, taking into account not the territory but the needs of the local population (CE 22 Nov. 2002, Cne de Gennevilliers, no 229192). It is therefore possible to allocate a subsidy for a project located in another department, taking into account “the existence of a particular link which would be such as to justify participation in such an operation” (CE 16 June 1997, No. 170069).

In France, a local authority can be part of an EIG, on the condition that:

- The private partners of the public community within the GIE are non-profit organizations (eg associations), and not commercial companies;
- The EIG is itself constituted without capital and without profit;
- The activities managed jointly are necessary for the accomplishment of the missions of the members of the EIG

Source : site Internet carrefourlocal.senat.fr

It is for this reason that these cities will ultimately be the property of municipalities around the world, the property of the international community.

It is for this reason that people will get involved in their co-financing, design and construction.

The primary target of the process:

The municipalities which will certainly be the most interested in this program will be the towns and villages of less than 5,000 inhabitants. However, this process will certainly integrate certain municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants.

Presentation of the structures:

These plant/green/vegetal calderas are vertical parks and climate generators that can be visited in 3 dimensions. They are key structures, centerpieces of the future agro-climatic cities of THE PAPILLON SOURCE (whether tourist or non-tourist), all labels combined.

They are the main element of the natural geoengineering process of the EL4DEV program (creation of micro climates), the starting point of any initiative to create humidity and re-vegetation in arid, temperate or even equatorial zones, for transformation / improvement of local environments. Each tourist or non-tourist city will have in its heart many calderas.

Funding mechanism:

The financing, design and construction of these calderas will be done in a participatory manner - an alliance between the private and the public - between the municipalities and their inhabitants, nationally and internationally.

The sums necessary to finance the design and organization of participatory cooperation events will be acquired by grants from municipalities joining together and participating (these are donations from these municipalities to the French non-profit named LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV.

The sums necessary to finance the construction works will be taken from their respective investment budgets (type of operation they will carry out: acquisition of equity securities or other securities immobilized in the projects).

It is therefore the various self-financing capacities of the municipalities that will finance the projects. The total potential contribution of all the municipalities involved in the process, in a given country, is therefore very substantial. This sum represents the potential budget for local, national and transnational communication, events (collaborative engineering, artistic cooperation), construction of infrastructures within different municipalities and the operational management of these infrastructures.

Benefits for municipalities, their inhabitants and local economic fabric:

The commercial benefits generated by tourist income (visits to structures, organization of events within structures throughout the national territory) are equitably distributed among the participating municipalities (equal participation because unique amounts, regardless of the size of the municipality).

In France, for example, these benefits will be added to the operating revenues of municipalities (list of products from services and the domain of communities), making them more and more independent of allocations from the State and from all public bodies (now representing around 30% of the overall resources of a community) as well as, why not, local taxes: direct (housing tax, property taxes) or indirect (DMTO transfer tax, tax of household waste collection, etc.) and economic taxation (territorial economic contribution, etc.). This will also make them independent from bank loans.

100% societal program:

The project cannot be financed against the acquisition of equity securities by private actors (infrastructures only intended for municipalities). So there will be no shareholders. At the same time, however, the project could be supported by Internet users in exchange for non-financial compensation (crowdfunding).

Growth of national societal EIG:

Each new site will be funded in the same way, by the same players. An EIG will be able to continuously grow and with that, other sites will be financed in the territory by the growing societal collective of municipalities.

The budget of the other sites will be gradually reduced because the vast majority of technical solutions will have been designed upstream. Only minor modifications will remain to be made (adapted to geographic and climatic environments).

The budgets will therefore largely depend on the land where the buildings will be constructed.

The EIGs of the different countries of the world will therefore finance the future agro-climatic cities below, whether they are touristic or not. Each of these cities will have plant calderas (initiating elements of the cities, starting point - Then, these cities / complexes will develop in stages according to the evolution of national crowdfunding - in each country).


THE MUNICIPALITIES COUNTER-ATTACK / THE MUNICIPALITIES STRIKE BACK and in general THE PAPILLON SOURCE are therefore programs / processes of decentralized cooperation, massive distribution of wealth and social inclusion.

The environmental, societal and economic impacts of these complexes will be 100% beneficial to local populations. Each of these complexes will always be initiated by the creation of one or more green/plant/vegetal calderas.

Each country thus becomes the maker of its own destiny. France will set the tone; serve as an example, as a leader.

Online intellectual and artistic cooperation events are there to massively mobilize all types of actors at the national level (private and public) and then initiate and lead to the exponential international development of an unprecedented cooperation movement.

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