Paul Elvere DELSART's highly reformist program imagePaul Elvere DELSART's highly reformist program image
French presidential elections of 2022 - Paul Elvere DELSART's highly reformist program

Political slogan "France opens up to the world"

Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART is a social engineer and a multidisciplinary developer who has been working for 10 years for a socio-political and organizational reform in France and a modification of the established foundations of international cooperation. He is accompanied by a qualified transnational multidisciplinary team.

Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART is a candidate for the French presidential elections of 2022 with the aim of massively promoting and implementing his societal vision of France and the world.

Under the presidency of Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART, France will become a highly a participatory worksite , which has never been observed in human history - France will seduce, through its rebirth, the nations of the world. However, it will not be alone in this metamorphosis as it is certain that many nations will cooperate with it, becoming in their turn engines of the global transformation of humanity. Under the presidency of Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART, all nations will be considered, by France, on an equal footing.

The keystone of his action plan is the revitalization of territories through inter-municipal cooperation at the local, national and international levels as well as an unprecedented development of the non-profit sector and the social and solidarity economy. This plan will appeal to the small towns of France, which will henceforth benefit from complete autonomy and real sovereignty.  

All of his ministers will have profiles substantially similar to his (from civil society, experienced, competent and guided by morality and ethics).  

Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART intends to manage the reform project of the French nation in the manner of a program director (orchestrating a large portfolio of projects). 

His program responds to ten challenges:

  • A profound change in France and a modification of its relationship to the world
  • The prospect of a better future for the French and all the peoples of the world
  • An improvement in the living environment of the French
  • An increase in the standard of living of the French
  • An improvement in the living conditions of the French
  • The reassignment of the sovereignty of the municipalities of France then their facilitation towards self-sufficiency and new alliances
  • The creation of transnational dynamics of mass cooperation through the involvement of all peoples in the control of their destinies
  • A level playing field for all nations of the world and unprecedented cooperation in history
  • Rehabilitation and improvement of national natural ecosystems then a massive greening of the planet
  • A liberation and transmutation of the transgenerational memories of humanity (it is a question of putting an end to repetitive patterns and pathogenic emotions generating discomfort and therefore conflicts)

The concrete means used to achieve this vision are listed at the end of this press release.

International relations - Geopolitics

- A program (fruit of 10 years of labor) that rethinks the established international geopolitical order
- A new geostrategic positioning of France in the world
- An effective mechanism for international peace through a large number of decentralized exchanges
- A process of empowering all nations around the world to permanently free themselves from dependence on foreign powers and their domination
- Cultural and intellectual free exchange
- Many cooperation agreements at heart and between nations around the world
  • International inter-municipal cooperation (opening up, self-sufficiency and influence of small municipalities - grouping of small municipalities into interconnected national societal groups)
  • International intellectual and scientific cooperation (transnational events)
  • International artistic cooperation (transnational events)
- Massive involvement (intellectual and artistic cooperation) of youth and students around the world
- Transgenerational involvement of individuals all over the world
- Transnational collaborative design and construction of agricultural-climatic and agricultural-tourism eco-landscape infrastructures that federate and promote decentralized cooperation, national cohesion and social peace

- "Complete" disappearance of the Franc from the African financial community 

The current facts
A monetary cooperation agreement was signed on December 21, 2019 by the finance ministers of the eight countries of the WAMU (West African Monetary Union) and by the French Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, Bruno Lemaire. 
This guarantee agreement provides, as did the 1973 operations account agreement that it replaces, for France to lend its currency (euros) to the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) when the latter lacks foreign exchange reserves to cover its external commitments. 
This monetary cooperation agreement (CA) and this guarantee agreement (GA) officially entered into force on January 1, 2021 (AC, art. 10 and CG, art. 10). 

The Central Bank of West African States will no longer have to deposit half of its foreign exchange reserves with the Banque de France, it will be free to invest its assets in the assets of its choice with various banking or financial institutions. 
There are no longer any French representatives on the BCEAO Board of Directors, its Monetary Policy Committee and its Banking Commission (AC, art. 10). 
However, Paris retains its role of financial guarantor for the eight WAMU countries. 

The problems encountered
The 2019 decision to end the CFA franc only concerns the WAMU zone and not all of the fifteen countries (CEMAC not included) or the Union of the Comoros. In reality, this “departure” of the French representatives from the BCEAO bodies is nominal because other forms of control are being put in place to overcome it. 
In reality, the French Treasury continues to maintain its putative role of "guarantor" of the convertibility of the CFA franc at a fixed rate, which means that it allows the possibility of an "uncapped" overdraft in euros at the BCEAO in the event of of exhaustion of its official reserves (GC, art. 2). 
However, such a provision requires the prior opening of a cash line in the accounting records of the French government (GC, art.2). In other words, the operating account disappears and reappears in a new form, less onerous for the French government. 
In addition, the previous French government killed two birds with one stone, since one of the hidden objectives of the reform was to overtake the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which has the ambition to create a single currency for the fifteen countries that make it up, including the eight WAMU countries that use the CFA franc. 
The new monetary cooperation agreement and the guarantee agreement nowhere mention a change from the name CFA franc to eco. 
The tickets are still printed in France. 

The changes made by Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART for a complete empowerment of French-speaking African countries:
The French treasury will clearly sever all ties with the countries of WAMU (West African Monetary Union), CEMAC (Central Africa Economic and Monetary Community) and the Union of the Comoros
All the money reserves of African states in French Treasury accounts will be eliminated (WAMU, CAEMC and Union of the Comoros). In other words, the operating accounts at the Banque de France will therefore be permanently deleted
The French representatives will no longer intervene in the bodies of the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) nor in those of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) or even those of the Central Bank of Comoros (BCC). 
Paris will no longer retain its role of financial guarantor, whether for the WAMU countries, those of CEMAC or the Union of Comoros. 
Tickets will no longer be printed in France (valid for WAMU as well as for CEMAC and the Union of Comoros). 

Society - Solidarity - National cohesion in France but also in the world 

- Numerous highly participatory reform projects for a social, organizational and cultural change in France and consequently (or simultaneously) in all countries of the world
- Complete self-sufficiency and real sovereignty for France and consequently (or simultaneously) for all the nations of the world
- A participatory social inclusion program within each nation
- A free distribution of agricultural food crops to the poorest populations, in each nation
- The interconnection, federation and massive promotion of all positive local initiatives around the world
- Opening up and revitalization of forgotten territories in each nation of the world
- Exploitation, throughout the world, of the potential of atypical profiles neglected by the traditional economy
- Gender equality (and not feminist competition)
- A revaluation of the role of children in society (contributors at their level of societal change)

- Massive involvement of young people in France and around the world 

Environment - Ecology - Climate in France but also in the world 

- Massive greening of France and consequently (or simultaneously) of all the nations of the world (by mimicry)
- An immediate shift towards a massive greening of the municipalities of France and consequently (or simultaneously) of the municipalities of the whole world (by mimicry)
- Creation throughout the world by natural geoengineering processes of new food forest ecosystems rich in biodiversity
- Creation throughout the world by natural geoengineering processes of new bodies of water in the desert areas of the world
- Use and massive promotion of bioclimatic infrastructure no longer using concrete and wood but other natural materials that do not in any way affect the forest capital of the planet

Agriculture - Food in France but also in the world 

- Massive promotion in France and around the world then facilitation in the implementation of organic and natural subsistence agriculture
- Massive promotion in France and around the world then facilitation in the use of seeds of peasant varieties (traditional, old, wild seeds, i.e. non-hybrid and non-genetically modified, reproducible and copyright-free)
- Gradual decrease in meat consumption in France and consequently (or simultaneously) in all the nations of the world (by mimicry)

- End of French agrifood exports and imports
- Food self-sufficiency for France and consequently (or simultaneously) for all the nations of the world (by mimicry)

Economy - Employment in France but also in the world 

The municipalities of France employ massively at the local level and are gradually taking over from the companies
The nation is focusing on the domestic market and turning away from the foreign market (no more international trade). 

- The municipalities will have the possibility to undertake without restrictions and to compete with the private sector (especially in the context of environmental, agricultural, energy and tourism projects generating economic income). 
- A gradual metamorphosis of the current economy into a social and solidarity economy (SSE) thanks to the municipalities
- Establishment of a new and powerful societal tourism offer benefiting municipalities  (environmental, agricultural, scientific, educational, alternative well-being and health tourism, spiritual, political)
- Establishment of local societal circular economic systems promoting the financial self-sufficiency of small municipalities

- End of relocation of French companies (increase in jobs guaranteed)
- End of imports and exports of products (reindustrialization of the country, revitalization of the domestic market and lower prices guaranteed)
- Restructuring and facilitation of employment in the agricultural sector 
- Possibility for the state, municipalities and non-profits to call upon individual entrepreneurs (autoentrepreneurs) without limits in the context of missions and projects of general interest. 
- Facilitation of access to individual entrepreneurship
- Construction around the world of numerous eco-landscape and tourist infrastructures generating local jobs (belonging and benefiting only to host nations) 

Energy in France 

- The state will reappropriate the shares of minority shareholders of EDF (full nationalization - The state holds 83.7% of EDF's capital) and will significantly reduce the purchase price of green electricity produced by the municipalities and the individuals

- The state will gradually detach itself from sources of nuclear production to facilitate the production of green energy. It will facilitate the entrepreneurship of the municipalities within the framework of the production of green energy. 

- A territorialization of the production of green energy intended exclusively for the subsistence of the municipalities of France (these are mini photovoltaic plants and other additional infrastructures producing green energy which will belong to the municipalities without the possibility of privatization

French motorway infrastructure management

- Reappropriation by the state of the economic exploitation of motorway infrastructures. France has an extensive road network, long considered exceptional, and which continues to develop. State ownership of land and infrastructure is intact. These are just concessions. At the end of the contracts, between 2027 and 2050, the state will be able to recover their management. The motorway network is made up of 11,560 kilometers of motorways, including 8,951 kilometers of licensed motorways. Breaking this type of contract is obviously possible, provided sufficient notice is respected

Education in France

- An overhaul of teaching (on demand school and university education according to the sensibilities of the children: a common core until the age of 7 years - After 7 years, there are no more compulsory subjects; the child has free choice of subjects he wishes to study) 
- Establishment of new educational models linked to nature
- Participatory education based on experience in dedicated infrastructures and international exchange of knowledge (free and without conditions) via interconnected IT infrastructures
- “Act local” / “think global” education
- An integration of spirituality (regardless of any religious framework), morality and ethics in educational processes and content

Health - Well-being in France

- A gradual shift towards a new health system taking into account the holistic dimension of the individual and promoting natural therapies

Moral - Ethics - Spirituality in France

- A return to the ethical and moral foundations necessary for balance in any society
- Respect for all religions and free thought
- Respect for all individuals and living beings
- Continuous search for the truths of all things (realities) independent of opinions and outside the human mind (Plato's theory of ideas)

Justice in France

- A gradual overhaul of the existing judicial system by taking into account ethics and spirituality (regardless of any religious framework)

Retirement in France

Retirement will be reduced to a maximum of 60 years, and will above all be universal, regardless of what has been achieved before and regardless of the various professional statuses.

Public finances - Distribution of wealth 


The French state, like many countries, is very heavily indebted while having money in its bank account. Without recourse to debt, public expenditure cannot exceed revenue.
France is immensely rich, but the French are not. The French are unaware that the state's staggering debt stems mainly from the confiscation of their sovereign right to create money (Law No. 73-7 of January 3, 1973 on the Bank of France or Pompidou-Giscard-Rothschild Law). France can no longer create money for itself, but only for private banks, which in turn lend this money with interest to the French state. This is the main source of France's debt (Professor Mehlang Chang) . 
Paul Elvere DELSART therefore proposes a self-elimination of the indebtedness of France

Which means a progressive "bankruptcy" of France 
If a country goes bankrupt, it cannot be put into liquidation as a company would be "because a company can cease to exist, a State cannot and that is the fundamental difference. France will declare itself in default of payment by announcing that it can no longer honor its debt maturities. A default of payment will automatically cut the French State off from the financial markets on which it will no longer be able to borrow. , the country will then have the possibility of turning to international institutions, such as the International Monetary Front to launch a rescue plan, but will not do so. International sanctions could be decided against the French state. others, commercial reprisals or economic retaliatory measures that some countries may adopt to compensate their injured nationals. Creditors will, in theory, have the right to seize the assets of the country. s abroad - France is at great risk of seeing its reputation tarnished and being seen as a deadbeat. This can seriously compromise its return to the markets for a few years. However, its development strategy and its relationship to the world will have already changed. France will in no way be cut off from the world, quite the contrary. It will also benefit from a positive image in the world.

Suppression of state tax revenues:

- Removal of taxes on consumption for businesses and individuals (i.e. the Value Added Tax and the Internal Consumption Tax on Energy Products applied since January 1, 2012 and which replaces the Internal Tax on Petroleum Products) 
- Abolition of all taxes on the income of individuals (not businesses(taxes, fees and contributions)
- Abolition of all employer social contributions for small businesses in the agricultural sector
- Abolition of all taxes for individual entrepreneurs (autoentrepreneur status)  
- Abolition of all employer social contributions for non-profit organizations and institutions  
- Removal of transfer rights for individuals (not businesses) (registration, donation, inheritance) 

Maintenance of non-fiscal state revenues

- Income from assets: Income from the domain of the State, Income paid by public bodies, Dividends from companies in which the State is a shareholder, Result of treasury operations 
- Receipt of industrial and commercial activities
- Receipt of games (PMU, lotteries) 
- Receipt of fines 
- Donations and bequests 

 New distribution:

- Substantial increase of state subsidies  allocated to French municipalities for the construction and maintenance of public rich in biodiversity eco-landscaped, agricultural, power and social infrastructure (belonging exclusively to the heritage of the municipalities without possibility of privatization)
- Creation and distribution of numerous state subsidies allocated to French municipalities for the purchase of agricultural land and its metamorphosis into edible forest gardens for local subsistence (belonging exclusively to the heritage of the municipalities without possibility of privatization)
- Financial aid distributed to farmers selling their land to the municipalities in which they are established (with the sole objective of transforming them into edible forest gardens with local subsistence vocation belonging exclusively to the heritage of the municipalities without the possibility of privatization)
- Substantial increase of state grants awarded to anti-poverty non-profits organizations, environmental protection non-profits organizations, animal protection non-profits organizations, educational non-profits organizations complementary to public education

Suppression of Law No. 73-7 of January 3, 1973 on the Banque de France or Pompidou-Giscard-Rothschild Law 

Complete structural reforms in France

- Decentralization of political, economic and financial power
- An increase in the autonomy and sovereignty of municipalities
- A disappearance of the intermunicipal bodies which reduce the autonomy of the municipalities

- An abolition of departmental and regional councils 
- A return to the concept of the city-state conveyed by Plato (self-managed and sovereign city) and a progressive architectural and landscape reform of the municipalities
- A defense of the Platonic idea that rulers should be wise men/women and genuine philosophers (selected for their skills and not their oratory abilities, their ability to seduce, their networks, their physique or their gender) who do not seek power and whose sole interest is to serve the people
- French recognition of micronations (as city-states) fulfilling certain conditions of ethics, local, national or international societal commitment and then compliance with the various national laws in force
- Gradual renationalizations throughout the whole of France
- A gradual shift towards a national community of goods within the nation
- An immediate abandonment of traditional places and symbols of French power (City of Paris as the capital, Elysée Palace, Hôtel de Matignon, Palais Bourbon, Palais du Luxembourg, Palais Royal, Bercy, Palais d'Iéna, etc.)

- Change of constitution 

Governance of the French nation

- The people are involved in all policy decisions and reforms undertaken by the government. However, the final decision rests with the president.
- Immediate and gradual restructuring of the current mode and principles of governance while applying the principles of the French constitution (depending on the various modifications that will be undertaken)
- Proposal for numerous referendums as part of policy decisions and reforms undertaken by the government

France's positive leadership (without desire for domination or feeling of superiority) and influence throughout the world

- France as the initiator and coordinator of a new cultural and scientific movement with international reach
- France as a pioneer in international societal development and international peace
- France as a prototype (not unique because accompanied by other voluntary nations) of global societal, intellectual and artistic markets

Gradual abandonment of current international institutions and new process of global governance

- Creation of new international organizations going beyond the current political-economic and political-military unions:
  • Creation of several regional political and social unions linked to the creation of new societal geopolitical spaces
  • Development of the EL4DEV confederation, a supranational ethical organization intended to replace the current UN - The confederation implies the sovereignty and self-sufficiency of all the actors it integrates (national societal groupings of municipalities around the world)
- Mass media coverage and promotion of the concept of "Forest governance" and establishment of federating processes and institutions with a view to establishing a new international forest law

What are the means used?

1 - Transformative engineering programs, sub-programs and tools:

EL4DEV - A transnational and highly participatory multidisciplinary engineering program based on the creation and operation of networks

The Green Empire of the East and the West A vision of an alternative and ethical society, a sort of outlook for the world to come

Le Papillon Source and its 7 territorial variations (Le Papillon Source Mediterranea, Le Papillon Source Inner Africa, Le Papillon Source Inner Europe, Le Papillon Source Inner Asia, Le Papillon Source Inner Oceania, Le Papillon Source Inner America, Le Papillon Source Pacific)A transnational and highly participatory sub-program that federates and unites peoples and nations - A tool to channel all the creative, intellectual, operational and financial power of nations around the world around a common societal objective sought by all regardless of social environments -cultural, gender and generation

The Municipalities Counter-AttackA transnational and highly participatory sub-program for opening up, outreach and empowerment through inter-municipal cooperation and the pooling of resources (material, human and financial) with a transnational societal objective

The Plant/Green/Vegetal calderasSelf-managed ornamental structures (lush hanging gardens-forests-sanctuaries which are inserted in the heart of large galvanized steel structures of rectangular or cubic shape and the height of a three-storey building) with the radionic function (generators of benefactor waves and emitting powerful positive electromagnetic radiation in order to stimulate the vital potential of the surrounding nature, whether plant, animal or human)

2 - Innovative key concepts:

EL4DEV Societal DiplomacyThe New model for international trade based no longer on the economic factor as has always been done but on the societal factor

The EL4DEV second Renaissance Movement - The new transnational and transdisciplinary movement at the same time cultural, scientific and organizational leading to major reforms in our current societies

Forest governance EL4DEV - The establishment of decentralized international agreements for the rehabilitation, development and vital maintenance of forest ecosystems around the world

3 - Massive structured communication via the internet aimed at all audiences, worldwide
Make it easy to understand the EL4DEV process / program and its challenges for all categories of individuals around the world, in many languages (40 in total) - Make it accessible and have it accepted worldwide = authority on the Internet

4 - Involvement of everyone, in all territories and nations around the world
Possible through the implementation of a powerful information system (EL4DEV Information System) made up of numerous web platforms and interconnected software

5 - A modification of the current French constitution called "rigid"
The revision projects will be presented to referendum (no convocation of Parliament to Congress at Versailles requiring a three-fifths majority in favor of the revision).

6 - Pioneering multilateral cooperation with nations attracted by this program and therefore by the vision of the EL4DEV program
First cooperative connections with a few voluntary nations, thereby showing leadership to the rest of the world - These countries will also position themselves as prototypes (alongside France) of the global societal, intellectual and artistic markets

The French are looking for alternatives to current political parties and a new development model.

Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART, member of any (independent) political party, is therefore currently asking mayors, municipal councillors, community councillors, departmental councillors, regional councillors and members of assemblies of communities with special status for the necessary collection of the 500 signatures in order to '' an official candidacy for the French presidential election of 2022.

Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART wishes to cooperate with all the nations of the world.

EL4DEV - The Age of Collaboration

The Grand White Paper of the Think and Do Tank LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV, a new Intellectual Start-up and Social Innovation Lab with international action and concrete action plans.
A 117-page book, 100% FREE to view and/or download online (no forms, no email request).
A Mechanism of National Cohesion for a Profound Transformation of Individuals, Communes/Municipalities, and Nations.
Fundamental Principles of a Concrete Solution to Societal Challenges.
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"Welcome to a fascinating journey through the revolutionary initiatives of the Think and Do Tank LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV. This book, a compilation of information sheets, aims to be an instructive and indispensable guide for anyone wishing to understand and participate in the profound transformation of our world. Through social and environmental innovation, we invite you to discover how we can, together, reshape our societies for a better future."

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Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART

 Founder, chief engineer and director of the participatory and socio-political multidisciplinary engineering program "EL4DEV"
 Founder, chief engineer and director of the sub-program of interconnected tourist towns and agro-climatic eco-landscape structures "LE PAPILLON SOURCE"
 Founder, chief engineer and director of the decentralized inter-municipal cooperation sub-program "THE MUNICIPALITIES COUNTER-ATTACK"
 Founder and chief engineer of vertical eco-landscaped structures that generate humidity and microclimates called "THE GREEN / VEGETAL / PLANT CALDERAS"
 Founder of the concept of "SOCIETAL DIPLOMACY"
 Founder of the “Second Renaissance movement EL4DEV”
 Designer of the EL4DEV Information System and the EL4DEV Strategic Deployment Tool
 Founder and president of the French non-profit organization named "LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV" (Think tank)
 Designer of the universe of the EL4DEV Confederation otherwise called the Green Empire of the East and the West
 Publisher of literary works based on the universe of the EL4DEV Confederation otherwise called the Green Empire of the East and the West

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