EL4DEV Information System - The educational Big Smart Data of the program imageEL4DEV Information System - The educational Big Smart Data of the program image
Atypical and interconnected software soon online

EL4DEV is a powerful systemic tool carrying a real social project.

The teaching is based on atypical and transformative software, revolutionary development projects with sustainable added value, intelligent and stimulating entertainment as well as exceptional theme parks.

This initiative is a fusion between science, engineering and utopia (concept related to moral philosophy and ethics) with the aim of achieving an ambitious and noble goal strongly measurable by technology. Science is the foundation, the strength of the program. Utopia is its engine, its vocation, its reason to be. Engineering is its logic, its process. Technology (especially information technology) is the means of measuring its effectiveness and sustainability.

EL4DEV software will soon all be available online. These are educational, scientific, simulation, management, evaluation, communication and entertainment tools. Like the Strategic Deployment Tool, they are massively multi-user, collaborative and interconnected. They act together as a vast catalyst, an ethical system for modeling useful data and predictive analysis, a “Big Smart Data” (mass processing of useful data) of collective experience.


Interconnected software forming an ingenious and adaptable self-learning framework

What if an ingenious and adaptable framework for self-learning were designed, the knowledge of which would be provided by the real-time experience of each of us, anywhere in the world?

We would be in a different approach to teaching. The sum of knowledge gained from everyday experiences, anywhere on the planet, would be immediately modeled through algorithms and would be available to all people.

His own experience would serve the collective. People would immediately apply this knowledge in society to rewrite existing socio-economic and behavioral models and respond to various local issues.

It would be a powerful process of analyzing, modeling and sharing the collective experience with the aim of raising awareness and motivating people.

Positive actions would be within reach of everyone on the planet, regardless of socio-cultural environment, education and gender. It would be intelligent and ethical Big Data dedicated to education through experimentation.


Interconnected software capable of processing an unlimited number of interrelated variables - Organized complexity

EL4DEV serves as a motivational lever and an evolutionary incubator to bring the individual to positive thinking and positive action.

By referencing all the progress actions carried out in real time around the world, by integrating multiple indicators to check the smooth running of projects and the achievement of objectives through its powerful information system, EL4DEV allows other individuals, wherever they are, to duplicate good practices in their own environments and thereby become co-creators. They therefore in turn generate other progress actions and will also benefit from their resulting experiences and knowledge.

The EL4DEV process is capable of processing an unlimited number of interrelated variables. The systemic constitutes a new philosophy of nature opposed to the blind laws of mechanism, in favor of a view of the world as a large organization.

EL4DEV is a cybernetic system in that it aims to maintain a viable stable state of interaction within changing environments through a stochastic process (i.e. a random process) of trial and error. The feedback process is aimed at preventing deviations.

Only organized complexity can destroy disorganized complexity. Regulation requires a highly participatory control system, the complexity of which must be equal to or greater than that of the system to be managed.


An atypical startup developing highly transformative software

EL4DEV is an atypical startup with the objective of teaching ethics (peaceful exchanges and understanding, autonomy, self-responsibility, a more balanced relationship with the environment, respect for human rights and equality) to all populations in order to create, increase or consolidate the collective in society.

Its pedagogy simultaneously adopts different ingenious learning modes (via atypical and highly transformative software, revolutionary development projects with long-lasting added value, intelligent and highly stimulating entertainment as well as an extraordinary creative and educational city called "The Papillon Source"). Throughout the process, the program induces the ability to understand its environment and to solve problems.


Massively multi-user collaborative software - Real-time experience analysis

EL4DEV education is essentially a process of sharing experience in real time. A good society is a society in which there is a maximum of experience shared among all its members. Each individual's experience fuels collective experience like a tributary fuels a river. Thus, this education has claims to intelligent and ethical management of world affairs as well as relations between individuals.

To do this, EL4DEV is developing a wide range of collaborative, massively multi-user, innovative and interconnected online software that acts as a vast catalyst, a system for modeling useful data and predictive analysis, a “Big Smart Data” (mass processing of useful data) of collective experience.

The new school must take the form of an ingenious and adaptable framework for self-learning, knowledge of which is contributed by the real-time experience of everyone, around the world.

It is this school of a new kind, open and accessible to everyone, at any age, largely using information technologies and based on a spirituality that is the atypical EL4DEV program.


Educational development projects supported by interconnected software

EL4DEV is a collective enterprise which massively uses information technologies to initiate a mass stimulus but which is not limited to people who interact via computers otherwise it would be difficult to reach all of humanity.

Thanks to an ingenious system making perfect use of cybernetics (the science of complex, self-regulating systems), the effects accumulated by these small changes in various places in the world end up creating a sufficiently powerful wave that propagates quickly enough to reverse the overall trend.

The software put on line allows the dynamics of mass cooperation which are possible through the permanent interactions of a large number of actors far beyond the project environments. They establish means of control, measurement of efficiency and mass oriented communication. This control is dynamic and takes place in real time.

The projects are highly interactive due to their freely modifiable environments (we are talking about non-permanent environments, as in a massively multi-user online game). This is obviously driven by information technologies which are inseparable from the desired operational and educational performance as well as the necessary total transparency.

These processes only use projects as evolving environments to massively educate all socio-economic actors around the territories in which the projects take place and well beyond thanks to transnational synergies.

The source of verification in each project is done through online software designed for this purpose, modeling data on the interactions and synergies created, the added value in real time and the satisfaction felt in the roles of co-creators (static and dynamics mapping + representative diagrams and tables)


Innovative software for an ethical approach to Big Data

Big Data should help deliver an education system that allows people to use their full potential.

Why would this huge opportunity be only for schools? Could this Big Data not be exploited to continuously train individuals capable of better understanding their environment and humans - people who can play a positive role in society? We must go beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge.

EL4DEV offers an alternative approach to Big Data.

We are in a different approach to teaching. The sum of knowledge gained from everyday experiences, anywhere on the planet, is immediately modeled through algorithms and is available to all people. So his own experience serves the collective. People immediately apply this knowledge in society to rewrite existing socio-economic and behavioral models and respond to various local issues. The system also analyzes all the consequences of the interaction of people and the positive actions performed. Thus, it is able to predict scenarios based on measurements made in real time.

This Big Data is intended to be exploited continuously and only to train individuals capable of better understanding their environment and humans. Here we are talking about ethical big data.


Innovative software for the foundation of a new balanced global civil society

Is international regulation possible without an international state? Yes; this would be based on a new kind of social contract with its system of values; a social contract enabled by the use of many online tools.

A territorial civil society would thus be a participatory process, located in a territory, through which individuals come to an understanding among themselves and with the centers of economic and political authorities (which include institutions and businesses).

By civil society, we always mean autonomy and self-organization. But it is about not forgetting communication and transparency, two major components of a balanced cybernetic system. In the ideal territorial civil society, we see above all a creation of islands of civic engagement working in symbiosis with the state (acting and evolving in the same direction). These perfectly well organized islands are generated by local dynamics of progress. The challenge is to create a community based on ethics, that is to say morals, exchange and respect.

The multiple civic implications at the territorial level (also called singular territorial dynamics) fit together like a giant puzzle thanks to an ingenious application mechanism using a powerful catalyst (Big Smart Data of the EL4DEV concept) as well as a multidisciplinary conceptualization activity. The whole will form a highly scalable and adaptable modular structure. From there will the true world civil society will be born in its prototype form. It will be born in a way that no one expects.

The rules of exchange and management of world affairs would ultimately be defined in a highly participatory manner in the social contract, by the consent of the masses. Only this would have the capacity to found this global civil society so imagined and designated as a utopia. In short, the social contract will be achieved only through the continuously growing civic involvement of actors in each territory around the world. The connection between the territories will be made by the similarities encountered in the civic implications. These similarities experienced by different peoples will form the foundations of the social contract.


The Strategic Deployment Tool - The source code of the information system

The EL4DEV Strategic Deployment Tool is an unmatched innovative educational software that leads to becoming an actor and no longer simply an observer. It presents itself as a unique online game, massively multi-user, dynamic and serious. Its typology is close to alternate reality, but without fiction and therefore without deception of the participants.

It integrates all socio-economic dimensions (that is to say anthropological, cultural, spiritual, social, economic, political, diplomatic and geopolitical).

A very wide variety of actors with very different needs interact simultaneously (individuals and personalities, companies and organizations, institutions of governance).

Each user becomes a stakeholder in the construction of the future global civil society and in its self-regulation based on universal principles of ethics.

Everything that happens in the system has lasting repercussions beyond the system. The tool catalyzes and channels energies and then acts as a vast ecosystem.

Each individual and each legal personality experiences real satisfaction generated by their key role, their new existence and their recognition in their socio-economic environment and beyond.

Across the whole world, dynamics of progress are emerging; a new world is being built by the will and contribution of everyone under the impetus of the process.


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